Ramen is a hearty bowl of hot noodle soup filled with healthy goodness and TLC.

Hearty Ramen
Chicken and beef soup stock with ramen noodle, wild mushroom, pak choi, leeks, mange touts. Garnished with soy-stained eggs and fried shallots. Extra spice available. If you like your Ramen spicy, just ask.
70 Chicken Ramen £10.25
71 Beef Ramen £10.50
72 Salmon Ramen £10.50
73 Aromatic Duck Ramen £10.50

74 Yasai Ramen (v) £9.50
Vegetable soup with ramen noodle, golden tofu, courgette, asparagus, onions, broccoli, green beans and garlic. Finished with fried shallots and spring onion.

75 Seafood Ramen £11.25
Miso and garlic soup with ramen noodle, scallop, chikuwa, king prawns, menma, mussels, kamaboko, wakame, and leeks. Garnished with rocket leaves and lime.