Donburi is a household favourite in Japan. It is served in a bowl of Japanese rice, topped by choices of vegetables, meat or fish. Served with miso soup.

Yakinori Fried Rice 
Steamed rice, stir-fried with egg, onion, mushrooms, sweet corn, peppers, green peas, garlic, golden tofu and spring onion.
90 Yasai Fried Don (v) £9.25
91 Chicken and Tiger Prawn Don £9.99 

92 Eel Unagi Don £16.95
Teppan-grill fillets of fresh water eel in a Japanese unagi sauce. Served with Japanese rice and pickles.

93 Sashimi Don £14.95
Sashimi grade, thickly sliced tuna, salmon and Hamachi, served with sticky sushi rice. Garnished with ikura and mixed leaves, drizzled with yuzu dressing.