Desserts Menu

Mochi Ice Cream £4.50
Little balls of ice cream wrapped in a layer of sticky rice, served with sauce. choose from our three flavour options below.
Strawberry Mochi
Mango and Chilli Mochi
Assorted Mochi (Combination of strawberry and mango and chilli mocha ice cream)

Double Chocolate Fudge Cake £4.50 
With vanilla ice cream and chocolate sauce.

Cheesecake of the Day £4.50 
Please ask our samurai or geisha, member of staff.

Dorayaki £4.50 
Japanese pancakes with red bean.

Japanese Ice Cream £4.50 
Your choice of three scoops of ice cream.

Green Tea Ice Cream
Black Sesame Ice Cream
Vanilla Ice Cream
Mixed Ice Cream


Japanese Umeshu Plum Wine £3.95 (125ml) 
Try a glass of Japanese Umeshu Plum Wine with your dessert, best served warm or on the rocks.

Bubble Tea £3.95 (125ml) 
Choose between milky or fruity bubble tea with the flavour options below:

Milky bubble tea flavours: original, matcha green, taro, honeydew melon,vanilla.

Fruity bubble tea flavours: mango, lychee, strawberry, green apple, passion fruit, honey peach.

Now customise your bubble tea by choosing from the three options below:

1. Choose type of tea: green tea or black tea

2. Choose your style: warm or cold

3. Choose your topping: tapioca pearls, strawberry juice balls, lychee juice balls or blueberry juice balls.

Hot Drinks

Japanese Green Tea £1.75 (unlimited/refillable)
Fresh Mint Tea £1.75
Jasmine Tea £1.75