Bento is a meal box with five compartments and each of them contain a delightful surprise. A feast for the eyes and mouth.

40 Kabocha Pumpkin & Tofu Bento (v) £11.50
Grilled fresh tofu and crispy fried pumpkin croquette, served with an tonkatsu sauce, inari sushi, tamago, stir-fried greens and sticky rice.

41 Chicken Katsu Bento £13.99
Chicken breast coated in a panko breadcrumb, served with Japanese curry sauce, grilled chicken gyoza, kabocha pumpkin, mixed sushi and sticky rice.

42 Beef Yakiniku Bento £14.95
Grilled sirloin steak with vegetables in a teriyaki sauce, kabocha pumpkin, mixed sushi, Japanese pickles and sticky rice.

43 Sea Food Bento £14.99
Seared salmon with coriander and lemon dressing, assorted sashimi, stir-fried greens, Ebi Prawn Katsu and sticky rice.